Play to Earn:

There is a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing the main adventure levels, players could earn incredible profit from the game.

NFT Marketplace

Project Tokens could be earned through NFT Marketplace where players can sell their NFT Assets directly or put them up for an auction. Where players can trade, buy, and sell to other players, and lend necessary equipment. Monster proof jacket? Check. Night vision goggles? Check. Jetpack? Check.

Buy upgrades

Used to craft custom gear and accessories


A % of the earned income from tokens will be staked against stable coin and sent back to the active userbase


As an option, lending your machine for mining activities and earn income back

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Contract Address:

Fund Raising Overview

Project Name Yoann Game
Token Symbol
Total Supply
Start date of the Public -Sale
End date of the Public-Sale
30 days after start
Price per token in Public-Sale Rounds
$.20, $.25, $.35, $.50, $.70
Total Tokens reserved for Public-Sale Rounds
6.16 M
Hard Cap
10.78 M usd
Currencies accepted

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